The issues of ageing touch us in many different way. Wisdom Circles provide a space to hold, in community, these responses to growing older with like-minded people. 

Elders/olders often need a space to speak the joys and fears of growing older. This conversation is welcome in a circle of friends, strangers, sages who agree to the guidelines set out by and for the group. Leadership is shared within a circle of open-mindedness, curiosity and goodwill, wise honour and the appreciation of differences between people. 

The circle, or council, gathers us into meaningful, respectful conversation. We share a willingness to shift from socialising or opinionated discussion into receptivity, deep listening and mindful speaking. 

Felice is available to support you in forming a Wisdom Circle in your community. Please contact us for more information.

“Elders serve as conduits between the divine realm and the mundane world, making the abstract truths of spirituality accessible to the community by embodying them in their everyday behaviour.”
— Zalman Schachter-Shalomi