ElderSpirit provides an opportunity for growing into our older years with awareness and open hearts. We offer workshops, Death Cafes, Wisdom Circles and specialised talks which support…

Spiritual Eldering - finding our elder wisdom through spiritual growth, honouring our inner gifts, developing self-respect and confidence.

Integrated Ageing - caring for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in order to live a life of quality and passionate commitment to the transformation of our personal lives, our communities and life as a whole.

Sacred Activism - allowing our voices to be heard, acting in service to the world, in large or small ways, as befits our unique capacity.

Transformational Presence - garnering the wisdom of the past along with the insights of present we create a new, positive view for the future and those who come after us.


meet felice

Felice Rhiannon brings seven+ decades of life experience to the present moment. Her work in the world has been varied, most often guided by her heart, though sometimes by economic necessity! She has been privileged to be a yoga therapist, specialising in teaching yoga, in all its aspects, to people living with cancer, heart disease and muscular-skeletal challenges. Upon leaving that work, Felice was ordained as a OneSpirit interfaith minister, serving elders and the LGBT community. She is also a Veriditas-Certified Labyrinth Walk Facilitator. Felice most recently trained as a workshop leader with Sage-ing International and presents workshops in the UK and world-wide.