no, i haven’t confused my mojo. jomo is a meme—the joy of missing out. and google is behind it!


the chief executive of google unveiled a new feature for google’s android smartphone and tablet that alerts users they have gone overboard on connectivity. it’s designed as part of their ‘digital wellbeing’ initiative.

well, guess what? they are finally catching up with us.

we’ve been “missing out” for quite some time and most of us are perfectly happy to have done so. we are actually meeting up with friends…real, live people…and enjoying their company. we are learning new skills...from real, live teachers...and adding to our knowledge. we are passing this knowledge on to others as mentors and guides on life’s journey.

we are appreciating music and art at concerts and museums. we are sharing the joy of cultural experiences with others. we are keeping libraries alive and thriving. we are walking in parks, with or without dogs, and working to conserve the environment. we are meditating and contemplating. we are opening our hearts to the suffering around us. we are participating in the daily life of the planet.

did i say we were missing out? not for a moment!

we may have missed the 15 seconds of fame now granted to celebrities by the news cycle.  instead we have  grounded ourselves in meaning and purpose. we have deepened our connection to what we value and hold dear. we, as elders, are creating a space for global well-being…digital or otherwise.


in the space created by ‘missing out’ we can become wise. each day i am grateful for my trusty apple computer, ipad and iphone. and i’m even more grateful when i switch each one of them off. in place of the time spent in front of a screen i sit with a book, speak to a friend, walk on the seafront contemplating the waves and seagulls or sit on my meditation bench connecting with the spirit within. i’m steeped in the joy of missing out.

life is good…and full of mojo!