a toddler and an older woman

a few months ago, as i walked along on a crisp autumn day, a toddler toddled with her mum. she was holding a large, bright autumn leaf, twirling it so it glinted in the sunshine. several people stopped to comment about the leaf’s beauty and how adorably cute the little girl was. outdoor-toddler

needless to say, she was a bit unsteady on her feet and walked at a very slow pace, supported by her mum and the handle of the buggy.

a few days ago, as a i walked along on a cold winter day, an older woman walked along the same street. she was a bit unsteady and walked slowly. she too was supported. her hands rested on the handles of a zimmer frame/walker and her carer was right next to her.


no one stopped to comment on her courage or her strength. no one stopped to admire her white hair. no one stopped to chat with her carer. no one stopped.

in fact, other pedestrians simply whizzed past her with disgruntled looks on their faces, wishing this 'old lady' would get out of their way as they hurried to their important coffee date in the cafe on the corner.

same pace. same support.

very different responses.

p.s. a regular reader of this blog recently told me she wanted more time between posts so that she could be with the content a little longer, so that she would have time to contemplate. while i love writing the posts, the time to integrate and 'be with' is also important. posts will come once a week, instead or twice, for a while...or until i get too excited about writing that i can't wait that long!