equinox...equal night

this is the moment of balance when day and night are equal.


this is the moment to breathe, inbreath and outbreath are equal. this is the moment to pause. we are on the cusp, for an instant, as the earth, and each of us, continue to travel on our path. the planet moves continually, just as we do. she spins and revolves, taking us on a wild ride...a ride that we are hardly aware of until there is a pause.

we move from winter to spring (in the northern hemisphere) in an instant. daffodils have already emerged. buds are swelling. there may even be a hint of a greening haze as we look at trees and shrubs. a friend of mine calls this the time of innocent green.

life is renewing.

are we?

each spring holds the same promise. does it mean the same now that we are olders? is this a beginning for us, now? can we say “yes” to spring? can we feel the sap rising? where does our renewal live? where can we find the energy to emerge along with the daffodils, bluebells, grasses, fledgling birds, lambs and colts?

this ability, this capacity, lies in our inner being. it is well that never runs dry. it is our continual connection with ourselves, one another, the earth and all beings. this is where the wisdom of our years is rooted and can continue to grow and evolve.

marcel proust reminds us, “we don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us.”


while we may have the companionship of like-minded and like-hearted people as we emerge from winter to spring each year, the journey of the turning of our seasons is ours alone...ours to live fully with love.