afgo! afgo???? part 2

it happened on the yoga happened early in the morning.

not another afgo, but a true growth opportunity.

as the most recent crash of my ego happened on the yoga mat, the opportunity lay there as well...the opportunity to surrender in the form of asana, the physical manifestation of a deep inner state.

surrender is symbolized by a bow...a lowering of the head or body, often to the ground. in yoga practice a simple forward fold took me to surrender. with my head lower than my heart i could allow a profound sense of acceptance.


this is how it is right now.

this moment is exactly as it is...and so is this moment.

this moment might contain joy, or grief, or pain, or realisation, or despair.

and this moment might contain any of those states, or one of a myriad of others. surrender brings the awareness of change, of the transitory nature of life and all that life contains. surrender allows for open-heartedness, for compassion and for love.

this form of surrender, a deep forward fold, is not passive. it is not a giving up. rather, it is an offering up of my conditioning, my image, my false self. it is an offering up of all the constructs that seem to be real in favour of what actually is real.

i may never be able to practice that particular asana again..or i may be able to practice it the next time i stand on my mat.

i fold my palms in gratitude for afgo!