getting it right

a friend of mine is a mentor on a course which guides students to find their soul’s purpose. she mentioned a 72-year old student who felt this was her last chance to “get it right.” it seems she felt her previous life experience in work and in her community wasn’t good enough, wasn’t right. soul.jpg

and she thought this training, and finding her soul’s purpose, was her last chance.

while we all have experienced sadness or regret about efforts not completed, or opportunities not taken up, or decisions that seemed unwise at the time (or years later), when i heard the phrase “last chance” my heart went out to this unknown student, and my hopes that she finds her soul’s purpose and can follow her calling.

more potently i came in touch with the process of re-framing or re-contextualising events that seem to have been “wrong” at the time, or later in hindsight. to create a more life-affirming attitude to past happenings allows us to hold with love and compassion all the decades we have lived. by re-framing we can see that everything that has happened has brought us to this moment. without those disappointments, decisions and periods of sadnesse we would not be the people we are now.

re-contextualising allows a space to open inside. where this space may have been filled with anger, resentment, fear and tension, there is now more ease, more room to breathe. forgiveness becomes possible...forgiveness for ourselves as well as for others.

and we can begin to value what might have seemed wasted or regrettable. what lessons have been learned from those experiences? what turning points brought us to where we are now? what do we know now about living a fulfilling life that we didn’t know at 20 or 30 or 40? what are the most profound lessons learned over decades of life experience? what are the most important values and principles we live by?

the answers to these questions might allow my friend’s student to find the thrill of exploring and manifesting her soul’s purpose...and allowing it to be right, no matter what her age or when she discovered her passion.