did i say "i would never..."????

yes, i said i would never join a gym. smelly, dirty, too much flesh for my taste and too much attention to the image in the mirror. gym

sigh...i’ve joined a gym.

this one is small, clean, fresh and populated by people who care about themselves, many over 50. what a relief! this huge change happened as i recovered from a 4-week long relationship with environmental toxins. the toxic exposure left me with intense lung irritation and respiratory difficulties for which there was “no” cure. so i decided to do steam inhalations. lo and behold, the old-fashioned worked wonders.

steam inhalation

my slow recovery and recuperation inspired me to strengthen my body and to explore my body at 71. off i went to the gym, paid my money and received the usual cursory introduction to a few warm-ups and a few machines. oh well...i’ve booked a session with a personal trainer for more personal instruction more suited to who i am...sigh.

after a swim today i had an insight. i recognised that this process is about much more than my body. it is about creating and maintaining a sacred space for Spirit to live in me. i want this temple to be a space of energy and love, a space for expansion of my consciousness. keeping the temple in good order is part of service to myself as an elder, as well as service to that which is outside me. the energy i contribute, simply by being, is vital to the functioning of the whole. when that energy is vibrant, i am able to give the most i have.

i also recognised, after the swim, that there are times when the energy in my temple is at a low ebb, where my contribution is less about with what i do, and more about who, and how, i am in myself. even while my physical self dealt with the toxic exposure i was aware that my essential self was just fine.

the temple structure continues on its way, flowing and ebbing, while that which is housed in the sacred space can stay connected, open, compassionate, tranquil and loving.

temple interior.jpg