i recently had my eyeglass prescription changed...yet again. vintage-old-fashioned-glasses-2

the glaucoma is stable, but those pesky cataracts keep changing, making various aspects of vision difficult at times. so yet another pair of lenses were made for my flashy, teal blue spectacle frames (which i love!).

as i walked home with new eyes i asked myself to see differently. what did this new vision give me? was it only that the outer world was clearer, sharper in definition, more vivid? or did i also acquire a new inner vision?

this inner vision shows me a larger world, one in which i am intimately connected to all things. my heart beats in rhythm with the planet. i am part of a great web of life force. there are many times when i am blind to this connection. and then there are moments of great clarity, bright illumination, when the connection is strong, profound and vibrantly alive.


this clarity arises in some of the most ordinary of circumstances. i might see a bee exploring a flower, or a newly green leaf unfolding, or hearing a baby gurgle. or i might simply be savouring my decaf cappuccino! there are moments of boarding a bus and seeing the driver’s smile when my heart opens and the driver and the driven are one.

what contributes to and supports this inner sight? in developing an inner life, this vision expands. at first it is a mental construct, something i think or believe is true so i become willing to follow a path of inquiry and exploration. yes, it’s challenging. and there are times i would rather be almost anywhere else than sitting in meditation. the challenges grow greater when my hips or knees hurt and i decide to sit in a chair!

and, in spite of the challenges, there is no where else i would rather ‘live‘ that in this interior landscape. there are no great moments of enlightenment, no sudden realisations. there is only what is, in each moment.

sometimes what is has the quality of tranquility and calm. at other times my mind is frenetic or fraught. i may be peaceful or panicked. i may be lethargic or energised. whatever is true in the moment is where i live. opening to the awareness of the present opens my eyes to a new vision of reality.