a vision

i am 100 years old. 100 in clouds

i am on my deathbed, surrounded by those i love and who love me. i have lived a full life, a life of riches...filled with light and glory as well deep sadness and despair.

from the deep well of depression have come lessons...reaching out, asking for help, surrendering to the dark times, finding compassion in the depths of the human condition.

from the brilliant, glorious times have come lessons...elation, smiles that emerge from the brightest places in me, a deep tranquility, a profound love of all that exists, an intense commitment to spirit.

it is from these extremes that i have arrived at centre...the calm, balanced state of equanimity. it is here that i was most able to share the lessons and the gifts. from this place of connection words have emerged in which others have found solace and inspiration. somehow i have been able to reach others, find the fire in them, touch their hearts.

i have been able to embrace others as they walk their unique path. i have served as mentor and teacher, opening doors that had been closed, blocked by memory and hurt.

i have danced in joy and in pain. i have opened to the magic of my body, the ecstasy and the changes of growth, maturity and age.

wisdom has emerged along this path, wisdom i have shared with others.

i have learned solitude as well as loneliness. i have learned connection with others. i have learned silence and inner searching. from this place, the joy of birdsong and words and music arose.

in this moment, i breathe my last exhalation.