in tibet, in ourselves

the tibetan book of the dead reveals how the process of leaving the body might happen. each of our elemental parts slowly leave with specific effects on the body's sensations. Bardo-Thodol

find a comfortable seat and take a moment now to imagine...

the earth element leaves, so the body feels heavy. the water element leaves, so the body feels dry. the fire element leaves, so the body feels cold. the air element leaves, so the body feels the out-breath to be longer than the in-breath.

until the final exhalation.

keeping death in my consciousness as a mystery and a transformational process imbues each moment with richness and energy, with vibrant aliveness. each movement, each step, each action becomes holy, sacred and filled with the awareness of its fleeting existence. each evanescent moment is this moment. it is the only moment i have, though my conditioned self believes otherwise.

this walk toward and into death is not a failure or an error. it is the fulfillment of a lifetime. it is the end of a process, a on-going relationship with life.

can the moment of death be a release? can it be an acceptance of the dissolving of boundaries? can it be the experience of opening, expanding, the speeding of awareness? can i move toward, and into, my death with love, in love and for love?

quote 2 tib bk of dead