james dean rebel.jpg one of the luxuries of youth and early adulthood is the facility to rebel. each step of individuation is a small rebellion on the road to self-knowledge.  

one of the luxuries of elderhood is the facility to choose. it is no longer necessary to rebel. it is only necessary to know what is appropriate, in this moment, for each individual. and then to act on that knowledge.

no longer do we need to rebel, to go counter to what is, in order to be who we truly are. of course, we may still participate in political demonstrations, carrying placards that read, "i can't believe I'm still protesting this s--t". we may continue to sign petitions, send emails, shop for longevity instead of planned obsolescence, grow our own veggies, live sustainably and support the candidates who support us. we do all this knowing that it is appropriate, that it is an expression of who we are at the core.

or, to feed that ever-energetic self within, our form of rebellion might take us to decorating our walkers/zimmer frames/mobility scooters with streamers and flags, becoming visible. this could be the elders' form of a hi-viz jacket! or we might ask someone who has ignored us on the street, " didn't you see me"? or we might, in a group of 20 or more, crash a rave and show them a move or two!

or we might stay home and meditate in our group of 20.older people meditating.jpg