indigo lost; indigo found

today is the brighton (england) pride celebration. the town is festooned with rainbow flags and joyful people of all genders and identities. the sun is shining and the mood is contagious. images-2.jpg


many years ago, when the rainbow flag was adopted by the gay community (later shared by the wider LGBT community) i noticed that one colour was missing, indigo. i wondered why. there are seven colours in the human visible spectrum. indigo sits comfortably between blue and violet. why were there only six on the flag? too hard to manufacture indigo? maybe. it is a difficult colour to reproduce. and yet, i felt denied of its richness.


i was aware, even then, that indigo had an association with the yogic energy system. it is related to the ‘third eye’ energy centre (chakra, in sanskrit). this centre is held to be the focus of wisdom.

now, as an elder, i want my wisdom acknowledged. i want it displayed proudly along with all of the other rainbow colours of my being.

where has wisdom gone? why is it consistently disregarded and undervalued? where are the elders to hold the wisdom of long experience? how can we pass this wisdom on in a world filled with information and sound bytes which pass as knowledge?

we, as elders, have been ignored and sidelined. it is time to stand up and be proud!

maybe we should have a flag of our own.